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Between the , lower energy bills and protecting your finishes and furnishings from sun damage, 3M Window Film is one investment that truly does pay for itself.

Homes today are designed to take in as much of the natural light and stunning views as possible. Unfortunately, unless windows have the added protection of 3M Window Film Products, damaging UV rays and excessive amounts of solar heat are also entering through those windows. UV rays are the number one contributor to fading and skin cancer. 3M Window Film Products block out over 99% of these damaging UV rays. You can be sure that the professionals at APT&WC will help guide you to the 3M products that will best fit your personal needs.

This graphic shows how window film is installed on the inside of a window and allows in natural visible light while blocking the unwanted solar energy. Rather than having hot spots at certain times of the day, 3M Window Films help maintain a consistent temperature creating a comfortable atmosphere in every room in your home or office.

APT&WC uses top of the line 3M products to help with solar control. are virtually clear and can still reject 99.9% of UV rays and an amazing 97% of infrared heat. 3M Prestige Window Films have a reflectivity as low as or even lower than the glass that they cover keeping the home or office looking natural. With Prestige Window Film, your windows will only reflect your commitment to keeping your home or office looking beautiful.

Here you can see how Prestige lowers the glare therefore enhancing the view.

eliminate 99% of UV rays while significantly reducing both heat and glare. Aside from lower cooling costs, when viewed from the outside, 3M Scotchtint Films give a home or building a clean, uniform, contemporary appearance. 3M Scotchtint Films disguise the clutter and disarray of half-drawn drapes and blinds, uneven lighting and aesthetically compliment the exterior of a home or office building.

to see the difference between an untreated double pane window and that same window treated with Scotchtint Night Vision 25.

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