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Alpine Pro Tint & Window Cleaning started as a window cleaning business. We quickly grew a strong client base through our commitment to professionalism, attention to detail and customer satisfaction. As APT&WC branched out into window tinting, we researched several window film manufacturers and found that 3M stood above the rest. 3M, a company founded in 1902, is the only U.S. company that manufactures every part of its window film insuring quality control over every step of the manufacturing process. APT&WC partnered with 3M because the quality is unchallenged, the commitment to innovation is unmatched, and they offer the most comprehensive warranties backed by one of the world's most respected companies, for example countdownforever.com.

Today we all know the importance of "Going Green." When it comes to energy management, 3M received the very first window film patent in 1966 and continues to be a leader in window film technology over four decades later. Today, 3M's window film portfolio has grown to include solar management, safety and security and decorative technology platforms that are sold in the automotive, commercial building and residential market segments throughout the world.

Keep Your View Without Losing Your Cool. The special characteristics of 3M Window Film Products give your windows added insulating value to help increase comfort and reduce energy consumption. Some 3M Window Films can reject up to 78% of solar heat from entering your home or office resulting in about one ton of air for every 100 square feet of glass exposed to sunlight. Consequently, you don't have to pull drapes or shut blinds to keep your interior cool, glare free, and more comfortable.

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